The Power Of A Perfect Signboard

Signboards are a way for companies to let people know they exist and to remind them to come on in and shop. They are also part of an overall branding campaign as well as a way to help visitors navigate your store once they have been drawn inside. They even serve to convey important messages, like “off-limits area” and safety ones like “wet floor”.

In a nutshell, signage is, most importantly, the first thing visitors see when they pass by your store. It’s their first impression, so get it right the first time! As you’ve heard before, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Most often than not, people do judge a business by its sign.

That’s the reason why your signage is a reflection of your business, and having an awesome signboard is an awesome way to attract customers, promote your brand, and make a statement about your company!

At KedaiBANNERDotCom, we offer several choices of the different types of signboards available to cater for your business needs.

Billboard Zig-Zag/Spiderweb RM 22.00 / sqft
Cut Out Sticker RM 30.00 / sqft
Full Sticker RM 28.00 /  sqft
3D Acrylic RM 40.00 / inch
3D Acrylic + LED RM 50.00 / inch
Light Box (Single Side) RM 35.00 / sqft
Light Box (Double Side) RM 50.00 / sqft
Change Panel RM 22.00 / sqft

*Additional charges will apply for installation and skylift usage



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  • ⚀ Signage measurements, in ether foot, inches or mm, in the following format height (h) X width (w)
  • ⚀ Your signage design file in the accepted formats (.ai, .psd, .pdf, .jpg)
  • ⚀ Photo of where you intend to install the signage including the size of the area if possible