Need a bunting? Order here!

Our buntings come with a choice of tarpaulin thickness from as thin as 300gsm to as thick as 440gsm. Our most popular being the 380gsm.

Minimum order requirement: 10sqft
Available for Self-collect or Delivery

*Please take note that standard postage rate will be applied for this item.


Difference between banner & bunting

Please make sure that…

You upload your Artwork/Design when making an order.

Additional finishing?

Our bunting comes with a standard finishing of 2 feet pvc pipe or wood and various others as stated. You may add-on extra items if you wish. Extra charges applied accordingly.

Please be informed

This page is only for bunting order. Bunting stands are sold separately. For bunting stands, you may click the respective links below.

Custom order?

Please send your order details to sales@kedaibanner.com

Process Duration:
++500sqft require 1 extra working day
++2000sqft require 2 extra working days
++3000sqft require 3 extra working days

Please follow and like us:
Inkjet Printing Type

Tarpaulin 300gsm (720dpi), Tarpaulin 380gsm (720dpi), Tarpaulin 440gsm (720dpi)


STANDARD (2ft PVC Pipe), STANDARD (2ft Wood), STANDARD (2ft Wood + Steel Wire), 4 Eyelet (for X-Stand Bunting), Cut to size, 6 inch Pocket Top & Bottom