A Great Way To Get Your Business Noticed.

Billboard banners are a very effective way of advertising on goods or services. Billboard signs are used for display in public places such as along side of highways or on busy city streets.

Deliver your message on a high quality large format billboard. Pick your size. Choose the outcome of your billboard. Promote your business awesomely today!

Minimum order requirement: 10sqft
Available for Self-collect or Delivery

*Please take note that standard postage rate will be applied for this item.


Never go unnoticed

One reason billboards are so popular is that they are guaranteed to be seen and stays visible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. With more exposure comes new crowds looking for your company. People are more likely to make their buying decisions in the car, therefore, advertisers need to use this to their advantage. Billboards are a great way to share your brand with the world and reach those who need your products and services the most.

Please make sure that…

You upload your Artwork/Design when making an order.

Additional finishing?

Our billboard comes with a standard finishing of pockets for pipe insertions. You may request for customized finishing if you wish. Extra charges applied accordingly.

Custom order?

Please send your order details to
Process Duration:
++500sqft require 1 extra working day
++2000sqft require 2 extra working days
++3000sqft require 3 extra working days

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Inkjet Printing Type

Tarpaulin 300gsm (720dpi), Tarpaulin 380gsm (720dpi), Tarpaulin 440gsm (720dpi)


STANDARD (4 Eyelet + 4×1.5m Rope)